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Our Courses

Swim Pods: 7-Week Courses for All Levels

Open Water: 6-Week Summer Courses (start July 3rd!)

Skill Clinics: Flip Turns & Treading Water

Training Squad: Develop Speed & Endurance


Learn On Your Own

Freestyle - Streamline Drill in Detail

Step-by-Step Articles

Video Tutorials & Technique Demos


Swimming is our Specialty


Trial Classes

Want to work with coaches who deliver results?

Come out to a trial class and start swimming with ease.  For all levels. Meet our friendly and experienced coaches. Video analysis included.

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Free Open Water Seminars

Making the transition from pool to open water can feel daunting for anyone, whether you’re a new swimmer or been swimming for years.

Get a head start on preparing for your first forays into the exciting world of open water swimming and triathlon.

Get Into Open Water!

Need a Better Training Plan?

Most training plans fail because they are not customized for your skill level, schedule, or personal goals.

With the Sea Hiker Guide, you get fun and effective online training plans, easy customizations, video analysis, and weekly interaction with your coaches.

Learn more about the Sea Hiker Guide and start training smarter.

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The Sea Hiker Experience

We can help you feel at home swimming in pools, lakes and oceans. We’ve got more than 10 years experience helping newbies, triathletes and open water adventurers feel smooth and relaxed in the water.

All levels welcome!

What to Expect

We’ve helped adults from 16 to 76 years of age. And complete beginners to ambitious open water marathon swimmers. In every course, we tailor the lessons to your specific needs. Enjoy swimming again!

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Course, Clinic, & Workshop Fees

Swim Pod courses are $195 + GST. Our summer open water courses are $255+GST (but look for discounts when you join our newsletter). We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of our coaching sessions and a tailored one-on-one experience, even in group classes.

Where to Find Us

We offer pool courses at four different locations and open water courses at three beaches. Clinics and seminars offered at different locations in the Vancouver area.

The Sea Hiker Experience

Sea Hiker coaches have helped thousands of swimmers become comfortable, confident and faster in the water.

Whether you just want to feel safe at the beach, do your best in triathlons,  or swim to an island in the distance, we can help.

Redefine your swimming today!

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