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Sea Hiker coaches have helped thousands of swimmers become comfortable, confident and faster in the water.

Whether you just want to feel safe at the beach, do your best in triathlons,  or swim to an island in the distance, we can help.


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Swimming is our Specialty


Want to work with swim coaches that deliver results?

Come out to a free trial class and start swimming better, faster.

We offer free trial classes for all of our Swim Pod levels. See if you feel comfortable with our approach to helping you swim better than ever!

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A “One-0n-One” Experience That Works

We believe we can help anyone become a better swimmer.

That’s why we offer Swim Pods for anyone who feels like they should be better in the water. You’ll get lots of help in our courses.

Fall 2016 Swim Pod courses now available. 

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Open Water is Our Home

Would you like to enjoy this washing machine? Or at least survive it?

We’d love to help you feel at home swimming in ocean and lakes. Sign up for updates on our 2017 Open Water courses.

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What to Expect

We’ve helped adults from 16 to 76 years of age. And complete beginners to ambitious open water marathon swimmers. In every course, we tailor the lessons to your specific needs. Enjoy swimming again! Check out our testimonials here.

Course, Clinic, & Workshop Fees

Most of our trial classes and seminars are free. Swim Pod courses are $187 + GST. And our summer open water courses are $245+GST (but look for Early Bird offers in March-May). We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of our coaching sessions and a tailored one-on-one experience, even in group classes.

Where to Find Us

We offer pool courses at 5 different locations and open water courses at 5 beaches. Clinics and seminars offered at different locations in the Vancouver area.  

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