Essential Swim Technique Videos

for Easier and Faster Swimming


3-Steps for Easier Breathing

Our newest series of videos is all about the most important part of swimming: making breathing as natural as possible. There’s nothing natural about breathing easily in swimming – it takes conscious focus when you’re starting out.  Check out these videos to see how we approach this most essential skill.

 Video 1: Introduction

What does it take to have a smooth easy breathing for your front crawl? How do some swimmers make it look so easy? It comes down to three main skills – check out this short introductory video our Easier Breathing series.


Video 2: Breath Awareness

Many newer swimmers have no idea how much air they actually inhale and exhale? Do you? And yet, many find breathing so challenging when they try to swim. Watch the video to see two very simple skills to practice to improve your breath awareness.


Video 3: A Balanced Breath

If you’re off balance or swimming flat on your stomach, it won’t matter how well you inhale or exhale, you sink as soon as you try to breathe! See the basic elements of a balanced breath.  *Also, check out the Streamline Drill video below.


Video 4: Breath Timing

Has anyone told that your front arm drops suddenly, crosses over or catches too soon? Do your shoulders ache or get injured? Often, the problem is that you turn your head too late to breathe – and it messes up everything else. See a simple tip to fix a whole bunch of problems at the source.



Fundamental Drills & Skills

We don’t believe in needing to define a certain swimming style in our selection of drills other than choosing the tools that fit our clients the best. Below you’ll see some of the core drills & skill development exercises that we find can really transform a person’s body awareness, mechanics and ability to understand how to become more relaxed or efficient. These are also speed drills, too. We teach them at every level.


Video 1: The Crocodile Drill

Watch this video to see how we’ve adapted a game many of us used to play as kids to a simple but effective breath awareness & control exercise. Great for beginners or anyone struggling to breathe with ease.


Video 2: The Streamline Drill

The ultimate drill. If you were stuck on a desert island, this is the one to do. But you’d swim away from that desert island, wouldn’t you? Here’s 3 quick tips on doing it well and breathing like a pro.


Video 3: The Single Switch Drill

Want to figure out Stroke timing? Body roll? Breathing on both sides? Warp factor five? Check.  The Single Switch Drill covers it all – here are the basics.


Video 4: The 3 Strokes + 2 Breaths Drill (aka “the three ‘n’ two drill”)

Are you turning your head too late to breathe?  Yes, you probably are. You probably can’t tell and it really messes up your stroke – a lot. Here’s another drill to help you feel the right moment to turn your head. We call it the “three ‘n’ two drill.”


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