Any personal information voluntarily provided to Sea Hiker Swimming Inc. is collected, used, and disclose in accordance with the Canadian Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act or other applicable legislation. The below information summarizes the privacy policy and practices of the Sea Hiker (


Personal Information Collected

All personal information held or collected by Sea Hiker is protected under the federal Privacy Act. This means that at any point of collection, you will be asked for consent to collect your information, and you will be informed of the purpose for which it is being collected. Personal information such as billing address, contact information and credit card details are collected for billing and payment of services provided through the Sea Hiker.


Information Collected

We will gather and store certain information about your visit to the Sea Hiker. Information collected automatically in this manner is used for purposes such as assessing system performance, improving web services, improving website management and determining best content for our members.

Sea Hiker does not automatically gather any specific personal information from you, such as your name, phone number, or email address. We only obtain personal information in a manner where you provide consent.

The following information is automatically collected:

  • The Internet Protocol addresses and domain name used. The internet Protocol address is a numerical identifier assigned either to your Internet service provider or directly to your computer. This address can be translated to determine the domain name of your service provider
  • Information relating to your computer system, such as the type of browser and operating system, language used, and demographic information such as global location
  • The date and time of the visit
  • The web pages or services accessed


Protection and Use of Information

Sea Hiker does not sell or rent your personal information. Sea Hiker makes reasonable security arrangements to protect your personal information against such risks as unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, or disposal. Security measures have been integrated into the design, implementation, and day-to-day operating practices as part of Sea Hiker’s continuing commitment to the protection of personal information it holds.

Information on individual members is used by Sea Hiker coaches and team members who need to know the information in order to respond to your request or to ensure the security of this system. We do not disclose this information to anyone outside of our organization except where legally permitted to disclose some personal information in situations such as an investigation of illegal activities, reasonable methods to collect overdue accounts, a medical emergency or suspicion of illegal activities, etc. Only pertinent information is disclosed. We do not sell, lease, or trade information about members to other parties.



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