North Shore Masters Sprint Meet Race Report


This was my first meet, so I get all PBs! The nice thing about it was I kind of knew what to expect from the past Sea Hiker meet reports. I expected to have fun, to feel a bit nervous, and to swim in an encouraging positive atmosphere. I was not disappointed. To anyone else, if you haven’t tried swimming in a meet before I would strongly recommend giving it a go. For me, I was able to nudge my comfort zone without any downside. Now, I’ve got some targets and achievable scope for improvement as well.

– Ilmar 

This sprint meet was the Sea Hiker Swim Team’s first pool race of the 2017/2018 season.  Fall was in the air on a grey, chilly day as the excitement began to build at the Ron Andrews Community Recreation Centre in North Vancouver while volunteers and officials set up.  This helped our nine swimmers get into ‘race mode’.

34 races.

10 first places. 10 second places. 8 third places.

27 personal best times!  (also known as “PBs”)



Our Dedicated Team Manager

We were so thankful to have Valter come to support us and volunteer to take on a role as Team Manager – ensuring each swimmer knew when the race was coming up, which lane to swim in, reminding them which stroke to swim (most of the time), offering support and encouragement to everyone as well as providing the amazingly happy bells we rang!!

Valter was a key component to our race experience which allowed us all to focus on swimming our best and not worry too much about team organization!

Newbies Elevating The Game

We had three new racers join the swim team for this meet.  Not content with just taking part for the first time in Freestyle events, they also embarked in swimming their first Butterfly event!

Gina, Sarah, and Ilmar all competed in the 25m Butterfly to the cheering, bell shaking cries of their teammates. It was exciting to watch from the sidelines as they undulated through the water with enthusiasm.  The joy of racing evident in every stroke (and they went on to win their races too!)

The Results Are In!

Here are the meet results – curious how you would get on? Think you are too slow? We promise you that there’s a race for you.

Take a minute to browse through and see where you would fit in!

Event 1 – 200m Freestyle

Ermanno – 1st in age group | 3:45.69
Stewart – 1st in age group | 2:33.76 PB

Event 4 – 50m Breaststroke

Sarah – 2nd in age group | 50:28 PB
Deborah – 2nd in age group | 57:28 PB
Stewart – 1st in age group | 36:09 PB

Event 5 – 100m Freestyle

Gina – 2nd in age group | 1:37.95 PB
Leslie – 3rd in age group | 2:01.51 PB
Oscar – 3rd in age group | 1:23.80
Ermanno – 3rd in age group | 1:40.57 PB
Ilmar – 1st in age group | 1:23.46 PB

Event 7 – 50m Backstroke

Deborah – 4th in age group | 50:84 PB

Event 8 – Men’s 4x50m Freestyle Relay – 1st place in 2:22.73

  • Stewart – 30:57 PB
  • Ermanno – 41:02
  • Oscar – 34:55
  • Ilmar – 36:59

Event 8 – Women’s 4x50m Freestyle Relay – 2nd place in 3:20.15

  • Gina – 43:98
  • Jen – 59:57
  • Leslie – 51:62
  • Sarah – 44:98

Event 9 – 100m IM

Deborah – 4th in age group | 1:48.22 PB
Stewart – 1st in age group | 1:17.86 PB

Event 11 – 25m Freestyle

Sarah – 1st in age group | 19:01 PB
Gina – 2nd in age group | 20:10 PB
Leslie – 3rd in age group | 22:80 PB
Jennifer – 2nd in age group | 23:84 PB
Ermanno – 5th in age group | 17:66 PB
Ilmar – 4th in age group | 16:73 PB

Event 12 – 100m Breaststroke

Oscar – 1st in age group | 1:32.61
Stewart – 1st in age group | 1:21.98 PB

Event 14 – 25m Butterfly

Gina – 3rd in age group | 22:22 PB
Sarah – 2nd in age group | 21:54 PB
Ilmar – 2nd in age group | 21:28 PB

Event 15 – 50m Freestyle

Deborah – 3rd in age group | 44:65
Gina – 2nd in age group | 43:62 PB
Sarah – 3rd in age group | 45:09 PB
Leslie – 4th in age group | 51:21 PB
Jennifer – 1st in age group | 59:18
Ermanno – 3rd in age group | 41:13 PB
Ilmar – 2nd in age group | 35:70 PB

Highlights and Bloopers:

With so many Sea Hikers gaining pool racing experience the highlights are outweighing the bloopers.  The more we do the better and more relaxed we all become with helping new racers relax and enjoy their experience as well.

HIGHLIGHT: Even though our contingent was a small representation of the teams participating, our racers managed to place so well that the team was ranked 5th out of the 15 teams that were present.

HIGHLIGHT: Oscar taking part, even though he was sick as a dog and should have been at home in bed with a hot toddy, but coming out anyway, AND creating a brand new event!

HIGHLIGHT: Ermanno’s call out for the men to represent garnered enough of them for an all-male team who placed 1st in the 4×50 free relay, and our women’s relay team swimming to a 2nd place finish.

HIGHLIGHT: Gina says, “My highlight was for sure the 25 fly.  Every time my head came out of the water, I could hear the team cheering me on.  I had first mentioned racing the 25 fly jokingly…so when I actually did it, it was a real sense of accomplishment.”

HIGHLIGHT: Ermanno:  “It was a fun packed afternoon.  Thanks to all of you for the camaraderie and for sharing a pool full of smiles, high fives, and hugs. Who would have thought that a sprint meet could be so entertaining? The afternoon went by in a blast, never a dull moment, warm up, diving practice, racing, cheering, fixing goggles, racing again, cheering again, eating, relays, bell shaking, hydrating,  racing and the fun goes on and on…by the time I realized I was going to get really tired, it was all over.”

HIGHLIGHT: The smoothest Sea-Hi-KER! chant so far!

HIGHLIGHT: Running thin on blooper content!

Thanks to Khosro and the North Shore Masters Team for a very well-organized event running smoothly and finishing ahead of schedule!

 This fun is all thanks to a bunch of amazing volunteers, and this includes our very own Alan and Colleen who hiked up and down the pool hundreds of times, walked lots of kilometres to keep us all safe and make sure we followed the rules. And they never ever complained about anyone of us getting in their way, right there on the edge of the pool with our noisy bells.

– Ermanno

What’s Next for the Sea Hiker Swim Team?

The Ottermania Swim Meet takes place on November 4th at the Watermania Pool in Richmond. This is a long course meet with a full range of events – everything from 50m to 1500m, and 4 different relay races.

The registration deadline is Saturday 28th October at 11:59 pm. If you have a masters ID for 2017-2018, go ahead and register. If not, email and join the Sea Hiker Swim Team.

We hope to see you on deck and have you join in our traditional Sea-Hi-KER chant!

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