Redefine Your Swimming

Sea Hiker offers swimming seminars, courses, clinics and training for a range of swimmers and triathletes. Our swim coaches are dedicated to helping you achieve a breakthrough, whether you’re just now learning to swim or taking on your own personal swimming odyssey.

Not sure where to begin? Come to a trial class and see our course FAQs to help you find the right class.

Winter 2017 courses


Sea Hiker Summit – Summerland, BC

Eat, live and breathe swimming in this intensive 4-day swim camp. In addition to 11 hours of swimming, you’ll have one-on-one discussions with your coach, learn in small groups, seminars and roundtable discussions and you’ll be on your way to your next swimming breakthrough.

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Sea Hiker Swim Adventure – Bowen Island, BC

Experience a memorable open water adventure in the Salish Sea. In this 2.5 day swim adventure, you’ll get attentive coaching, hone your technique and learn a variety of open water skills.  You’ll also learn to judge changing ocean conditions and the art of swimming in small pods for safety and enjoyment.

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Free Trial Class & Seminars

stewart-power-of-yGet an assessment of your stroke with video, learn our approach to coaching and instruction and get in-depth discussion and tips for your next triathlon.

Meet our coaches and get a taste of the friendly and effective Sea Hiker coaching method.

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Swim Pod Courses

Our Swim Pods will show you how to swim more efficiently, feel comfortable in the water and see real improvements.

Swim once per week over 7 weeks.  Each course offers step-by-step instruction, video analysis, and interactive coaching to help you succeed.

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Training Squad

sea-hiker-training-squadFor Sea Hiker swimmers and triathletes. A Speed, Fitness and Endurance program for swimmers who have completed Level 3 Swim Pods with us or higher.  Summer T-Squad session starts May 25th.

We are SOLD OUT but please email us if you would like on the wait list.

2017 Training Squad Swim Program


Open Water Courses

Open Water Confidence - Sea Hiker - Alligator EyesWe offer courses for every level of swimmer or triathlete. Learn the essentials for confident open water swimming.

Our courses run May-June and July-Aug. Spring courses 96% Sold! 

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Flip Turn Clinics

Learn to Master the Flip turn and bounce of the walls like a tennis ball.  Take your swimming to a new level and have fun mastering this new skill at the same time.

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Sprint Fundamentals Clinics

Shave seconds off your time by honing your sprinting skills.  Learn the essential sprinting techniques and approach your race one step at a time both in practice and on race day.

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