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VOWSA – Vancouver Open Water Swimming Association

Sea Hiker is pleased to partner with VOWSA and we encourage our swimmers to participate in their practice swims and race events as part of your Open Water experience this Summer.

Vancouver Open Water Swimming Association (VOWSA) is a registered Society under the Society Act of the Province of British Columbia.

VOSWA is dedicated to creating safe and enjoyable open water swim opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. VOWSA is an entirely volunteer-driven, non-profit organisation. VOWSA offers two evening swim practices per week at Kits Beach, with a lifeguard escort. A percentage of race and membership revenues are donated to the Special Olympics and other local charities.

For more information on these races and to register, visit the VOWSA website.

catalyst-endless-pool-sea-hiker-nCatalyst Kinetics Group / Swim Labckg-logo

The Catalyst Kinetics facility is located in Burnaby and offers a range of services, coaching and diagnostics to help you perform well. Whether you’re bouncing back from injury, starting your triathlon career, or just looking for a healthy lifestyle of sport, Catalyst offers state of the art coaching and analysis.

We’re have also partnered with Catalyst to offer swim coaching in the Swim Lab with an Elite Endless Pool and Dartfish video analysis. Check out the details for our coaching services here.

Catalyst also offers wetsuit fitting in the Swim Lab and carries a selection of swim gear.

Visit Catalyst Kinetics at

Oceanoid  (Freediving Instruction)Oceanoid Logo RGB 5 Colours

Freediving courses, trips, and events in Vancouver.

In Vancouver, we are surrounded by the ocean. Have you ever wondered was lies beneath the waves welook at every day?

Here’s what Oceanoid founder, Roberta Cenedese says:

“At Oceanoid, we believe anyone can learn how to freedive, all it takes is a mask, a snorkel, and one breath. Oceanoid offers courses from beginner level to expert – we can teach you everything you need to know to participate in this growing sport safely.

Learn to freedive and join a growing community of like-minded ocean people here in Vancouver that explore the local waters on a breath hold.”

For information about courses and events visit our website

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