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 Coach Stewart slices through the waters off Kits Beach.



Job position: Assistant Open Water Coach

Updated: January 31st, 2017

Sea Hiker Swimming is a Vancouver based swim instruction company. Since 2007, we have taught thousands of swimmers in pools, oceans and lakes throughout the Lower Mainland and Western Canada.

Our courses and clinics provide specialized video feedback and intensive individual coaching. We are known for helping swimmers who lack confidence, need basic technique and training habits as well as those new to triathlon and venturing into open water for the first time. Our higher level courses build on this foundation of comfort, efficiency and effective technique practice.

Our coaching staff is dedicated to helping clients make the most of each session and ensuring they see noticeable improvements in skill, comfort and performance.  Once again, we are looking for one or two part-time assistant coaches to join our team for the spring and summer season.

Open Water Confidence - Sea Hiker - Alligator Eyes


  • swimmer supervision and safety (you will be required to swim in the water for each session)
  • assist lead coach with client feedback and instruction
  • administration, emails, course preparation, gear maintenance as needed
  • film/video clients swimming during session
  • other duties as needed


  • current Bronze Cross certification OR National LifeGuard Certification OR PADI Dive Master
  • current CPR certification
  • current First Aid certification
  • must have your own wetsuit to start and open water swimming experience
  • must be able to travel to required location(s)
  • willingness to learn and apply Sea Hiker instructor methods
  • detail oriented and competency with basic computer and video camera tech
  • excellent written and verbal communication skills

Availability Requirements (from May 1st – August 25th)

  • Jericho Beach – 1-2 evenings per week
  • Dundarave – 1-2 evenings per week
  • Various clinics, seminars and info sessions

Candidates will be asked about what schedule/locations they can do.

Note: We will also provide an orientation and basic Sea Hiker systems training, which candidates are highly encouraged to attend in May.

The ideal candidate has confidence in teaching and working with adult learners – in any field, as well as triathlon/open water racing experience. A genuine interest in learning and teaching new coaching concepts – as well as previous swim coaching experience with adults – is an asset.

How to apply:

Send your application to us info at seahiker dot com – please send your application no later than March 5th.   Please include the following:

  • Letter of Interest, Resume and Coaching or Swimming Portfolio
  • Video file: A 2 minute clip of your own swimming. (Note: Please ask pool permission to film if you’re filming indoors at a public pool. Open water swimming works, too, but we should be able to see your stroke.)
  • Upload to DropBox and include the link with your application. Compress to mp4 or mv4
  • Indicate your availability for locations

We look forward to seeing your application! Please contact us with any questions you might have before applying.

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