Stewart Scott, Coach

Stewart is an ex-competitive swimmer from Scotland with experience at National and International levels and has over 10 years coaching experience in Scotland and Canada.

Stewart has a keen interest in most sports having competed at National level Judo, Running, Pool and Snooker. When he is not in the water teaching kids, swim club or adults you will most likely find him in the mountains hiking and mountain biking.

Stewart studied at the University of Glasgow in Scotland earning a BSc(Hon) in Physiology & Sport Science, and is currently studying to become a certified Personal Trainer.

His competitive swimming background was as a breaststroke and butterfly sprinter. Transitioning to long distance front crawl was, and still is, quite intimidating.

Watching Pete coach at the YWCA, Stewart was able to steal a few ideas to improve his front crawl and can now testify from personal experience the benefit of Sea Hiker instruction. By lowering his head position and improving the quality of his rotations/streamline he was instantly swimming with more ease and efficiency.

These breakthroughs refuelled Stewart’s desire for training and competing.  Intrigued by the triathlon stories he heard from so many Sea Hiker clients, he signed up for the Stanley Park Triathlon in Sept 2011. And as so many of you reading this will understand, once he crossed the finish line, he just knew he had to do it again!  Now Stewart has a 5-year plan to work up to Ironman distance, and it all started from few simple stroke correction tips.

Stewart’s previous experience as a breaststroke and butterfly sprinter has helped him develop a precise understanding of ‘catch & pull’ stroke mechanics as well as stroke rhythm and timing.  Combined with the Sea Hiker fundamentals of streamline and rotations, he has helped many clients achieve (and surpass) their swimming goals by teaching them to swim faster with less effort.

As a coach Stewart understands the majority of these breakthroughs are only going to come from dedicated focus on technique, while as a competitor he understands that swimming fitness plays an important role. He tries to integrate both aspects into his coaching sessions, helping his clients develop swimming fitness while also developing more efficient technique.

Stewart is very excited to have the opportunity to teach these principles to you and looks forward to helping you achieve your swimming goals.

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