Peter Scott, Founder & Head Coach

You can be at home in the water

Before he turned twenty years old, Peter was a tentative swimmer with little confidence in open water. Like most people he preferred swimming in the shallows and snorkeling on the surface. He would even get nervous about swimming in a pool and deep water scared him.

At university, he decided that it was time to learn how to swim with confidence and started by devouring as many books and videos on swimming as he could find. Within a year, Peter was swimming at a level that impressed even the captain of the university swim club, whom asked him why he had not joined the varsity team, despite that he had no previous competitive experience.

Now after more than twenty years of self-propelled learning, Peter is an accomplished coach that excels at freediving, fin swimming and swimming technique instruction, with a special interest in aquatic confidence.

After moving to Vancouver, Peter discovered freediving. Within one year of learning the sport, he set several national records, competed for Canada at the Freediving World Championships, and placed in the top 25 in the world. Freediving soon became essential in his approach to swimming. It provided him with a whole new perspective on confidence in the water, learning approaches based on body awareness, and the importance of efficiency in all disciplines.

Because he knows what it is like to start from zero, Peter knows how to shorten that process and transform it into an enjoyable one for his clients. People most often appreciate his brimming enthusiasm for swimming and underwater activities and his effective coaching style. Peter was certified Total Immersion Swimming Teaching Professional and Senior Coach in 2007-2009, one of only four in Canada and the only one who was certified in all four swim strokes with Total Immersion founder, Terry Laughlin.

Since then, Peter has used these experiences to launch his company Sea Hiker and its unique brand of swim instruction.

As a coach, I am able to analyze a person’s strengths quickly and deliver training that fits your character, goals, and natural talents. I want to show you that becoming a natural swimmer is possible for everyone and I will introduce you to the skills you need to get there, just as I did.

Peter’s Specialties & Interests Include

  • Aquatic confidence
  • Swimming efficiency and technique (all four strokes)
  • Open water swimming
  • Underwater confidence
  • High-performance swimming, masters, and triathlon swimming
  • Fin Swimming and Monofin Freediving
  • Sea Hiking
  • Freediving
  • FRC Freediving

Coaching Credentials

  • YWCA Personal Trainer (aquatics)
  • YWCA Program Instructor
  • NLS Lifeguard (pool and beach front)
  • Sea Hiker Coach
  • Total Immersion Certified Coach 2007 (4 strokes)
  • TriBC Newsletter Contributor
  • Multiple national freediving record holder
  • National Freediving Team (2001)

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