Meet Our Sea Hiker Swim Coaches & Staff


Stewart Scott, Senior Coach

Stewart Scott, Sea Hiker Coach

Stewart is an ex-competitive swimmer from Scotland with experience at National and International levels. He has over ten years coaching experience in Scotland and Canada.

Stewart’s experience as a Breaststroke and Butterfly sprinter has helped him develop a precise understanding of ‘catch & pull’ stroke mechanics as well as rhythm and timing and he uses this as part of his coaching to help clients achieve (and surpass) their swimming goals.

“As a coach I understand the majority of these breakthroughs are only going to come from dedicated focus on technique, while as a competitor, I understand that swimming fitness plays an important role. I try to integrate both aspects into my coaching sessions, helping you develop swimming fitness while also developing more efficient technique”.

For Stewart’s full bio, please click here.

Oscar Peralta, Coach

sea-hiker-assistant-coach-oscar-peraltaOscar is an experienced triathlete, Sea Hiker open water swimmer, and coach since 2015.

An avid triathlete, he has a good appreciation for what it’s like to learn open water and pool efficiency skills as an adult and how to overcome the most common challenges adult swimmers face.

You’ll find Oscar as a lead coach in our Open Water courses, Swim Pods, and Training Squad.



Deborah Floden, Coach

Deborah spent her early years learning to swim in the Mediterranean waters of Southern Sardegna and has enjoyed swimming and all things aquatic throughout her life.  After practicing synchronized swimming in her teenage years, she got hooked on the challenge of moving gracefully in the water.

Sea Hiker’s approach to teaching a swimming technique that is effortless, efficient, and graceful is what motivated Deborah to become a Coach.

Deborah especially enjoys helping swimmers overcome their fears, get to their next ‘aha moment’ and achieve their goals.

An experienced open water and masters swimmer, Deborah has also competed in local, provincial, national and international swim competitions, garnering medals in several events over her competitive career. Her interests now lie in long distance open water swimming, and she’s looking to tackle events such as the 10km Bay Challenge and more open water adventures in the coming years.

Kira Jackson, Coach

Kira-waterKira loves the water and related activities – especially swimming!  Like many adults, Kira began recreational swimming as a child, but only started to train and compete during university, when she joined the triathlon team. At first, she found swimming the hardest discipline and the least enjoyable. Swimming with hundreds of other people in a triathlon was intimidating. But after some focused training, swimming got easier. Soon it was her favourite part of triathlon training. Eventually, Kira enjoyed open water swimming as a stand-alone sport.

The improvements in technique, endurance, and speed that come with focused swim training are huge rewards that have kept Kira hooked on swimming for over a decade. As someone who learned competitive swimming as an adult, Kira understands the challenges of learning a new skill and overcoming fears associated with open water.  She loves to coach anybody who’s interested and strongly believes that swimming is there for everyone to learn, regardless of their current ability.

Kira’s swimming career has included many races, including the Kits Challenge 6k, the Bay Challenge, the Vancouver triathlon, and several Ironman events. While Kira still loves to participate in racing events, competition is no longer the focus of Kira’s swimming. Instead, Kira’s focus is providing guidance to other swimmers.

Kira finds inspiration in the courage of swimmers who take to the water for the first time.

Leslie Ty, Marketing Coordinator & Admin

Originally from Manila, Philippines, Leslie grew up loving the water but never dreamed that she could be a ‘swimmer’ and was happy to ‘know enough not to drown’.  In 2013, Leslie came across Sea Hiker and took her first trial class for the Easy Laps Swim Pod with Coach Peter. After just one class, she felt more improvement in one hour than she’s ever felt in all her other swimming lessons and was soon hooked! Gradually, she was able to conquer her fear and anxiety of sharing lanes with faster and more skilled swimmers and feel more confident in the pool.

In 2016, Leslie became an official part of the Sea Hiker team. Leslie continues to be inspired by Sea Hiker’s philosophy that anyone can be a swimmer, no matter your fitness, comfort/anxiety level and existing (or non-existing) swimming technique.   As a Sea Hiker client, she can attest to the coaches’ dedication to helping individual swimmers with their goals, no matter how big or small. She often refers her own personal swimming experiences to help clients and work on Sea Hiker’s marketing, advertising, social media and business development initiatives.

Leslie is excited to bring more swimmers into the Sea Hiker family. She now enjoys swimming in the occasional open water races and masters swim meet events, and is looking forward to many more decades of swimming.

Peter Scott, Founder & Head Coach

Peter Scott, Sea Hiker Director & Coach

Peter started out as someone who feared deep water and disliked swimming lessons. He wanted to be in the water but was timid growing up.

Now he enjoy all kinds of aquatic adventures, such as open water swimming, finswimming, seahiking, and freediving. He loves coaching others and helping them feel as inspired about the experience available in the water.

Peter’s passion is helping people feel confident in the aquatic wilderness at any skill level. He especially enjoys helping people overcome fear and anxiety.

For Peter’s full bio, please click here.


Private Coaching

Achieve a breakthrough in your swimming with private instruction tailored to your needs.

Private lessons are for you if you want to conquer your fear of the water, feel comfortable in the deep end, swim effectively at any level, swim with a disability, or achieve a personal best. We can help you swim any stroke, learn how to swim underwater, and understand what obstacles may be holding you back and how to get past them with ease.

Not sure whether a private lesson or Sea Hiker course would be best for you? Contact Sea Hiker for a free phone consultation.

Private lessons start at $85 + GST per hour and are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We highly recommend a minimum of three sessions over 3-5 weeks for new clients.

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