Sea Hiker Coach Oscar Peralta opening our Open Water Swim Season.


What We Do

At Sea Hiker, our mission is to help you feel at home in the water. We help people overcome anxiety around water and learn the fundamentals of efficient swimming.

Confidence and efficiency are what brings success to our swimmers and triathletes, from beginners to marathon swimmers.

It’s also what makes swimming enjoyable.

  • Our 7-week pool courses provide a step-by-step learning experience to guide adults toward better swimming.
  • Our 6-week open water courses help swimmers and triathletes new to open water learn how to feel at home away from the shore.
  • Our Skill Clinics, Training Squad, Skill Sessions and special courses help you master the fundamentals of smooth, effective and enjoyable swim strokes.

When you swim with Sea Hiker, your goals are within reach.


Our Open Water Endurance swimmers in the slipstream…


Why Sea Hiker?

The aquatic wilderness covers more than 70% of our planet. While you may swim in pools with ease, most people generally lack the confidence to play, explore and achieve comfort in open water.

Our goal is to help you feel at home in the water, whether you are a beginner, an athlete or an adventurer.

breath hold

Sometimes you just have to keep things simple.


What to Expect

When you take a swimming course you’re probably wondering how you can improve, what you’re doing wrong and how you can transform yourself into a confident and skilled swimmer.

It really helps to have your coach talk to you, show you video of your swim, and explain you exactly what you need to do to improve.  When a coach gives you their full attention, you usually see big improvements, right?

We know what it’s like to learn to swim from scratch. It’s not easy.  We’ve helped hundreds of new swimmers get started and helped thousands more overcome obstacles and learn to swim efficiently.

And we’ve learned that when your coach to give you their full attention, especially in a group courses and clinics, you’ll progress so much faster.

Our approach is sometimes silly, sometimes irreverent. But we’re serious about having fun in the water and learning something in every swim.

When you take a course or clinic with us, you can expect the attention from our coach that you might expect in a private lesson.

We work hard to help you achieve your best in the water.


Sea Hiker Senior Coach Stewart Scott


Sea Hiker was officially formed in 2006 and has grown steadily since then to offer clients exciting opportunities to explore the ocean – above and below the surface. We’ve helped thousands of swimmers, triathletes and beginners achieve comfort and skill with swimming.

Sea Hiker was founded by Peter Scott in Vancouver, BC. Peter grew up around water but struggled with fear in his early swimming lessons and didn’t swim laps until he was at university. Despite early struggles, he became an avid swimmer and freediver and this grew into a passion for helping others learn how to overcome fear and difficulties in the water.

Our team has now expanded and we offer more than 15 courses per month in the Vancouver, BC area.

Swimming across Howe Sound

Sea Hiker Founder Peter Scott sea hiking in Howe Sound.


Location & Services

Sea Hiker is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, a gateway to amazing aquatic adventures.

We offer Swim Pod courses at various pools including the YWCA, Vancouver Aquatic Centre, Jewish Community Centre, and West Vancouver Aquatic Centre.

Our Open Water courses run in the following locations: Jericho Beach (Vancouver), Dundarave Beach (West Vancouver), Cates Bay & Tunstall Bay (Bowen Island), Sasamat Lake (Belcarra Park, Coquitlam).

Get to Know Us

Stewart_P1030604_LandingPageFree Seminar & Trial Classes: We invite you to meet us at a free seminar or trial class. Try out our coaching before you take the plunge.

Check out our Courses: You can see our pool and open water courses here.  We offer courses year-round.

See people say about Sea Hiker: Read out our Testimonials to see what our swimmers think of us and to learn more about their own swim journey.

Learn How to Make Your Swimming Great

BrPeter_P1030609_LandingPageush up on your understanding of efficient swimming:  Our Blog is full of great articles, video tutorials and swimming stories. We have over 80 articles to share with you!

Watch our Video Tutorials: You can also learn from our video tutorials on our Resources page.

Get in Touch

Oscar_IMG_5570_LandingPage_2Join our Community: Visit our Facebook page to get a behind the scenes look at the swimming community, our client adventures, and our most popular coaching tips.

Reach out to us!  Have questions about Sea Hiker or what you want to do next with your swimming? Drop us a line. We look forward to helping you redefine your swimming.


Contact Information

Sea Hiker Swimming Inc
Vancouver, British Columbia


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